Family Story

Basically,i live with my parents,aunt and uncle,and my roommate. I love my parents and roommate. I am really fortunate to have parents that love me.I am going to honest here,my mother divorced my birth father when i was 5years old. I dont feel sorry for my mum or myself because that happened a loooong time ago.When my mum told me that she’s gonna leave the rest of our family(my grandma,grandpa,father,uncle,aunt blah blah blah) behind and we are going to take a plane to live in Singapore, i nodded my head and felt happy cos i’ve never rode on a plane before,and as a 5year old kid without enough brain cells,i am too busy getting excited over the plane ride to care about missing my family.I mean,come on,i was 5 .
My mum did not immediately marry my stepdad,she had some other relationships too,but for now,i am going to skip that part. When my mum married my stepdad, i was 10 years old and was able to think a little. But it still wasn’t enough. Now,i am very matured for my age as i have been through a lot more in life as compared to other kids my age.Many of my friends want to be like me :Matured.Its a good thing to be matured;thats what all of my peers tell me,but most of them will never understood what i have been through before i became so matured.

Trust me,if i ever got a choice,i will never choose to go through almost half of the negative things that i’ve been through.


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