Weight Loss Plan

In December 2012,i started my weight loss plan. Apparently,i looked in the mirror and saw a slim pig with a puffed-up face who’s legs are squeezed through a pair of too-tight shorts with very obvious cellulite bulging out from every view of my upper thighs.Eww. So i told myself that everything must change.
Im Elaine,turning 15 in may this year(2013) and for the whole of my one-and-a-half months of december school holiday last year,i have changed my diet completely and started to jog as a hobby.I jogged for 3-4 times in one week for the whole holiday.
Before the holidays,i was 158cm in height and weigh more than 56kilos. In March 2013, my height was 161cm and i weigh no more than 47kilos . I have lost 8-9 kilos in 4-5 months 🙂 and have been maintaining this weight till now.I did not really put a big change on my daily diet, but of course, i cut out most of the unhealthy snacks and drinks like bubble milk teas,chocolate chips,potato chips, bubbly drinks and some of the deep fried food.
There’s this new Iron Man burger or meal available in KFC recently and just by looking at the advertisement alone made me wonder how many peeps will swallow down the whole 1000 calories burger and feel guilty later on.. Trust me,i will NEVER touch that burger if i want to lose weight.
Jogging alone helped me to lose 4-5 kilos during the 4 months of my weight loss plan. By ‘jogging’, i don’t mean sprinting 400m as fast as i can. What i meant is jogging SLOWLY (but not too slow) for slightly more than 40minutes every single time i jog. Sprinting will result in REALLY CHUNKY AND MUSCULAR legs that every girl and woman wants to avoid. Same to dancing and cycling. Jogging is the only way to achieve the most lean and slim-looking legs — i call it ‘dream-legs’ that every girl wants to own. I’ve got myself a pretty good pair of lean legs and believe me , its BEAUTIFUL. Hell yeah!
Besides long-distance jogging,i also own a slimming belt called ‘Abtronic X2’. Its basically a belt that helps to further tone my body (legs,tummy,arms blah blah blah) and help me achieve my goal slightly faster. Okay,this is definitely not for advertising purposes, im just a regular customer for that particular product. And of course, the belt does not really help to reduce fats and lose weight,although the advertisement say it is,whatever. All im saying is that the belt only help to tighten your muscles and just by sitting at home with the belt on your belly all day,you will not lose a single pound. My mum used to tell me ‘there’s no ugly woman,only lazy woman!’ So if you’re really desperate to lose weight,you have to get off your bum and move those legs! There’s no magical belt that can help you get the body you want.
Oh and i also introduced veggies into my daily diet and life. It helps digestion and prevent pimples on my face. Green bean soups are good too,but broccoli is way better. Salad is another common snack that i eat,but i force myself to go plain,that is,without any dressings,even though some are labeled healthy.
Bread,biscuits and white rice? HELL NO! but i eat brown rice. Although Google taught me not to take carbohydrates if i want to lose some weight, as a biology student,im very aware that teenagers like myself should never cut out carbohydrates COMPLETELY. I still wants to grow! Its not like i’ve reached the ‘Tall-Zone’ compared to the rest of the girls my age. So yes,i do eat some carbos like brown rice and on my slack days, some spagetti.
By slack days, i meant a ‘No Diet Day’ that i allow myself to have once a week. Every Monday,which is my slack day, i will go hang out with my friends and eat some fatty food. This way, i will not get easily tempted by the yummy-but-unhealthy food that i sometimes craves.
The only thing that im not so happy about is that my boobs reduced by one cup size (mid B to small B) after my weight loss..hm. I must admit i miss my big boobs terribly..but i still remember the warm,satisfied and accomplished feeling that i have when i checked out my ‘new body’ when i dress myself up for the first day of school the following year. That feeling was really so much more than just priceless.Losing so much weight,it also help to boost up my self-esteem.I have so much more confidence regardless my appearance compared to the old me last year.
Losing weight requires determination. It is definitely not a 24 or 48 hour process, that is also why i felt like im on top of the world when i realised how much im capable to achieve once i put my heart into it.

The picture on the left is me in May 2012 and the picture on the right is a picture of me recently.



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