Oh gosh…time passed by so fast!! Mid-Year Exams are in one week!! ONE WEEK! And yet here i am bloggin…SWAAG

Truth is,i am already preparing for the exams like a nerd.Well..almost. I really want to do well for this exam. Especially my sciences,english and triple maths! I LOVE science,i have this thing for biology. I Looove biology. I don’t really know why and where my strong feelings for biology came from but i just love it the most out of the rest of the subjects. Im good at it,sure,but thats not the only reason why i love it.
My dream is to get a good job thats related to biology and hospitals or clinics. Like, i would KILL to become a dentist,or a physician assistant. I would love to open my own healthcare clinic someday too, if possible 🙂
A lot of people are telling me that all these jobs are very hard to achieve and blah this blah that but im not as interested in other subjects as im interested in chemistry and biology. Although im young,im matured enough to know exactly what i want my future to be. And i only see myself majoring in topics regarding science. Im good at accounting and english,sure,but i WANT a ‘science’ job SO BAD.
Anyway, back to exams…you see,im not a maths person,i admit. So i have to put in a lot of extra effort just to get a B. I really don’t know what the hell was i thinking when i chose this subject combination that have TRIPLE math…damn.. -.-||


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